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   We are the 74th Highlanders of the American War Revolution!

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Check 19th cent history and our unit in history in photos.

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We are the recreated 74th Highland Regiment of Foot with the Battalion Company in Maine and the Flank Companies based in Massachusetts.

The 74th strive to recreate a Scottish regiment as it existed during the American War for Independence.

Other Additions!
Orignal items

View orignal 18th century uniform items.

Areas of Interest!
Who is the 74th?!

Find out why we do what we do. Click below to read our philosophy of reenacting.                                     

Illustrations Gallery
View period paintings,
drawings, and more.
19th Century 74th
Read about the 74th Highlanders after the American Revolution. This history covers 1787 to 1881. Click below to learn more.                                                               Read More...
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