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This is the members' page of 74th Highland Regiment. News on this page will reflect both the flank and battalion companies. As a member you are invited to add content to this page.


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Coats and Knapsacks

When creating a historic garment for use within a reenactment group, one should not get caught up in the craze of "I can make you a good coat cheep". Our standards need to follow what was in use in last quarter of the 18th Century. If you like to make period clothing please do so, but please use aproved patterns and materials. Remember it is not a costume it is your clothing. You should look as if you live in these cloths day after day. To that end we have people who can make your coat. An appointment to see one of these tailors will soon be set up. If you are in need of a coat please contact Lt. Belyea.

A knapsack workshop will soon be set up. Our goal is to have all Members with a knapsack based on the best documentation. Patterns are on hand as is leather and linen. If you would like to be part of the workshop contact Lt. Belyea.

 knapsack ca 1777-1781


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